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Click for details2006-06-24 MO Meramec River Bluffs Ozark Outdoors Total trip distance: 9.0 miles9.0 Good None NoneNone Alderson, Daniel
Blackford, Alicia
Blackford, Eric
Edmond, Brent
Edmond, Brian
Grote, Bob
Grote, Brandy
Ince, Brianne
Ince, Jerri Ann
Ince, Seth
Perkins, Jenna
Smith, Andy
Storts, Amy Jo
Storts, Todd
Alderson, Daniel; Blackford, Alicia; Blackford, Eric; Edmond, Brent; Edmond, Brian; Grote, Bob; Grote, Brandy; Ince, Brianne; Ince, Jerri Ann; Ince, Seth; Perkins, Jenna; Smith, Andy; Storts, Amy Jo; Storts, Todd
No notes for this trip<i>No notes for this trip</i> USGS Gauge Data:
Sullivan (07014500)
Discharge: 341
Height: 2.32
<b>USGS Gauge Data:</b></br />Sullivan (07014500)<br />Discharge: 341<br />Height: 2.32
Source: EdmondSource: Edmond
Click for details2004-06-19 MO Jacks Fork River Bay Creek Eminence Total trip distance: 12.1 miles12.1 Good None NoneNone Ballard, Christina
Ballard, Kevin
Ballard, Paige
Ballard, Webb
Blackford, Alicia
Blackford, Eric
Brocaille, Justin
Edmond, Alex
Edmond, Brent
Edmond, Brian
Edmond, Joseph
Ince, Brianne
Ince, Seth
Lehenbauer, Brenna
Sutter, Colby
Wilson, Jessica
Ballard, Christina; Ballard, Kevin; Ballard, Paige; Ballard, Webb; Blackford, Alicia; Blackford, Eric; Brocaille, Justin; Edmond, Alex; Edmond, Brent; Edmond, Brian; Edmond, Joseph; Ince, Brianne; Ince, Seth; Lehenbauer, Brenna; Sutter, Colby; Wilson, Jessica
No notes for this trip<i>No notes for this trip</i> USGS Gauge Data:
Alley Spring (07065495)
Discharge: 154
Height: 2.46
<b>USGS Gauge Data:</b></br />Alley Spring (07065495)<br />Discharge: 154<br />Height: 2.46
Source: EdmondSource: Edmond

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