Buffalo River (AR) Trip On Wednesday 12 October 2011

RiverBuffalo River
DateExternal site icon Wednesday 12 October 2011
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StartRed Bluff
EndLittle Rocky Creek
Distance3.9 miles
Crew icon CrewFilter icon Fillmore, Brian
Filter icon Fillmore, Rebecca
ConditionLow - River is low but can still be floated. Some riffles are okay but most come with significant dragging and might need a portage. Float lengths should be reduced to accommodate low flow, dragging, and portages.
Notes icon Notes(none)
FishingGreat - 15 - 30 fish caught
Fish icon SpeciesFilter icon Longear Sunfish
Filter icon Rock Bass / Goggle Eye
Filter icon Smallmouth Bass
Gauge icon GaugeSaint Joe (07056000)
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Source icon SourceBrian Fillmore
Trip ID89
Expedition ID66
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