Current River (MO) Trip On Thursday 27 June 2019

RiverCurrent River
DateExternal site icon Thursday 27 June 2019
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StartGladden Creek
EndSlick Shoal Hollow (Below / downstream)
Distance13.7 miles
Crew icon CrewFilter icon Bartlett, Renee
Filter icon Edmond, Brian
Filter icon Van Someren, Tom
ConditionGood - Conditions are ideal for a canoe or kayak. Boats typically will drag on fewer than one-quarter of riffles, if at all, and portages are unnecessary or rare. Normal float lengths can be attempted without a problem.
Notes icon NotesThis was a perfect day to be on the river. We didn't see anyone else until nearly noon. We made great progress during the day as the current was moving steadily. Fishing was nearly non-existent. We did visit the main features including Cave Spring, Rockhouse Cave, Pulltite, and the smaller springs nearby.
FishingPoor - 0 - 2 fish caught
Fish icon SpeciesFilter icon Smallmouth Bass
Gauge icon GaugeAkers (07064533)
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Source icon SourceBrian Edmond
Trip ID302
Expedition ID249
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