Finley River (MO) Trip On Thursday 24 May 2018

RiverFinley River
DateExternal site icon Thursday 24 May 2018
StartJohns Ford Road
EndJohns Ford Road
Distance2.46 miles
Crew icon CrewFilter icon Van Someren, Tom
ConditionGood - Conditions are ideal for a canoe or kayak. Boats typically will drag on fewer than one-quarter of riffles, if at all, and portages are unnecessary or rare. Normal float lengths can be attempted without a problem.
Notes icon NotesPut in again at 16:30, paddled upstream to Braden Road (with only half a kayak paddle, since I stupidly took the two male halves) and lazily fished the deeper slow pools while drifting down stream. There are a couple spots in this stretch that would benefit from a small chain saw being brought along on the next trip. The water level was good for this sort of up-stream trip: not overly swift, but high enough to make the downstream trip easy without dragging.
FishingPoor - 0 - 2 fish caught
Fish icon SpeciesFilter icon Rock Bass / Goggle Eye
Gauge icon GaugeRiverdale (07052345)
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Source icon SourceTom Van Someren
Trip ID267
Expedition ID216
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