Salt River (MO) Trip On Tuesday 25 July 2017

RiverSalt River
DateExternal site icon Tuesday 25 July 2017
StartSee Spillway
EndCincinnati Road
Distance7 miles
Crew icon CrewFilter icon Edmond, Brian
Filter icon Edmond, Julian
Filter icon Grote, Camryn
Filter icon Houseworth, Owen
Filter icon Houseworth, Wyatt
Filter icon Luebrecht, Olivia
Filter icon Williamson, Lucy
Filter icon Zappala, Gary
Filter icon Zappala, Gianna
Filter icon Zappala, Grant
Filter icon Zappala, Kim
ConditionGood - Conditions are ideal for a canoe or kayak. Boats typically will drag on fewer than one-quarter of riffles, if at all, and portages are unnecessary or rare. Normal float lengths can be attempted without a problem.
Notes icon NotesPower generation started a little before the scheduled date and carried us down the river just fine. The water was cool and refreshing and most of the kids spent the better part of the day floating downstream in their jackets instead of in their boats. There is a long, slow pool near the end of the trip, between "Grass Island" and the takeout, about a mile further downstream.
Fish icon Species(none)
Gauge icon GaugeCenter (05507800)
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External site icon A Paddler's Guide to Missouri
External site icon A Float Trip Blog from the Midwest
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Source icon SourceBrian Edmond
Trip ID253
Expedition ID202
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