Finley River (MO) Trip On Sunday 2 July 2017

RiverFinley River
DateExternal site icon Sunday 2 July 2017
StartReed Road
EndReed Road
Distance2 miles
Crew icon CrewFilter icon Edmond, Brian
Filter icon Edmond, Julian
Filter icon Van Someren, Tom
ConditionLow - River is low but can still be floated. Some riffles are okay but most come with significant dragging and might need a portage. Float lengths should be reduced to accommodate low flow, dragging, and portages.
Notes icon NotesWe paddled 1/2 mile up to a downed double-trunk sycamore to cut it out. Both of us had to paddle back to the put in one time to retrieve something to assist in the effort, resulting in 2 miles total. Much of the work was done and the obstacle is definitely better than it was. But, we couldn't move the bottom log completely out of the way. The pool between the put in and the obstacle was pretty slow. One small riffle between was easily paddled but was very low.
FishingPoor - 0 - 2 fish caught
Fish icon Species(none)
Gauge icon GaugeRiverdale (07052345)
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Source icon SourceBrian Edmond
Trip ID248
Expedition ID199
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