Finley River (MO) Trip On Friday 2 June 2017

RiverFinley River
DateExternal site icon Friday 2 June 2017
StartJohns Ford Road
EndReed Road
Distance6.5 miles
Crew icon CrewFilter icon Van Someren, Tom
ConditionGood - Conditions are ideal for a canoe or kayak. Boats typically will drag on fewer than one-quarter of riffles, if at all, and portages are unnecessary or rare. Normal float lengths can be attempted without a problem.
Notes icon NotesOriginally this trip began with the purpose of me clearing away some downed trees. But stupidly leaving the chainsaws at home it simply became a fishing trip.

The water level was PERFECT for a lazy day of casting the entire way. And the weather was GLORIOUS, too, with clear blue skies and an 83 degree temperature and no wind.

There are still large tree obstructions that need clearing along this 6-mile stretch. Two new large trees have fallen together at these coordinates (37.037483 -93.075286) and completely block the river. There's currently a narrow path around the base of root ball where a kayak can navigate through. With some time and stronger water flowing around it the root ball path will either become larger or filled with river debris.

The river's course has also changed where Padelo Creek joins the Finley. Formerly the main course took a southerly path around a gravel bar island forming at this bend in the river. Now the main course is on the north path of the gravel bar island where Pedelo Creek enters. There are several spots along this bend where small trees make navigating it tricky, but with a chainsaw they could be cleared away fairly easily.
FishingFair - 3 - 6 fish caught
Fish icon SpeciesFilter icon Bluegill
Filter icon Rock Bass / Goggle Eye
Filter icon Smallmouth Bass
Gauge icon GaugeRiverdale (07052345)
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Source icon SourceTom Van Someren
Trip ID243
Expedition ID195
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