Salt River (MO) Trip On Friday 31 July 2015

RiverSalt River
DateExternal site icon Friday 31 July 2015
StartSee Spillway
EndCincinnati Road
Distance7 miles
Crew icon CrewFilter icon Ballard, Paige
Filter icon Ballard, Webb
Filter icon Edmond, Brian
Filter icon Edmond, Julian
Filter icon Hays, Chloe
Filter icon Houseworth, Owen
Filter icon Houseworth, Wyatt
Filter icon Lichtenberg, Brady
Filter icon Smith, Benson
Filter icon Smith, Brianne
Filter icon Smith, Keegan
Filter icon Storts, Amy Jo
Filter icon Storts, Kaleb
Filter icon Storts, Kylie Jo
Filter icon Zappala, Gianna
ConditionHigh - The river is high and potentially dangerous, especially for the young and / or inexperienced. Normal stream obstacles are sometimes difficult to navigate. Extended distances can be attempted, but canoe travel may not be advisable.
Notes icon NotesThe Corps was releasing water from the flood gates of Cannon Dam and also generating power. We easily did this stretch in 2 1/2 hours without stopping.
Fish icon Species(none)
Gauge icon GaugeCenter (05507800)
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External site icon A Paddler's Guide to Missouri
External site icon A Float Trip Blog from the Midwest
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Source icon SourceBrian Edmond
Trip ID161
Expedition ID134
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