Spring River (Missouri)

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La Russell (07185700) Currently low (225 cfs) and rising
Carthage (07185765) Currently low (257 cfs) and steady
Waco (07186000) Currently low (263 cfs) and falling
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Trips for Spring River (Missouri)

Click for details2020-06-14 Jackpine Quakermill Total trip distance: 8.0 miles8.0 Good Carthage (07185765) 612 4.15 None NoneNone Crowder, MelissaCrowder, Melissa Easy float with no dragging. Water was still a *little* turbid. No impassable hazards on this section now.Easy float with no dragging. Water was still a *little* turbid. No impassable hazards on this section now. USGS Gauge Data:
Carthage (07185765)
Discharge: 612
Height: 4.15
<b>USGS Gauge Data:</b></br />Carthage (07185765)<br />Discharge: 612<br />Height: 4.15
Source: CrowderSource: Crowder
Click for details2019-07-20 Rt O Quakermill Total trip distance: 3.3 miles3.3 Good Carthage (07185765) 386 3.75 None NoneNone Crowder, Adam
Crowder, Ian
Crowder, Melissa
Crowder, Adam; Crowder, Ian; Crowder, Melissa
No notes for this trip<i>No notes for this trip</i> USGS Gauge Data:
Carthage (07185765)
Discharge: 386
Height: 3.75
<b>USGS Gauge Data:</b></br />Carthage (07185765)<br />Discharge: 386<br />Height: 3.75
Source: CrowderSource: Crowder

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The classic River Trips application is still available for use. It is updated with the new system using a data retrofit. It is no longer maintained. The original River Trips application is no longer updated (as of 1 Dec 2016) but can be checked for errors or for the condition of the data before it was converted to the new system.