Huzzah Creek (Missouri)

RiverHuzzah Creek
NotesGauge rating estimates removed at the request of Amy Gray who works with Huzzah Valley Resort. This system estimated a "Poor" rating and Amy stated it was "Low" but still floatable. She declined to provide ratings for the Huzzah so I removed the esimates altogether.
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Steelville (07014000) Currently unknown (141 cfs) and steady

Trips for Huzzah Creek (Missouri)

Click for details2012-08-25 Scotia Meramec River Total trip distance: 3.8 miles1.3 Low Steelville (07014000) 41 2.08 None NoneNone Alderson, Daniel
Caldwell, Justin
Edmond, Brian
Filson, Nathan
Ince, Seth
Luebrecht, Michael
Luebrecht, Ryan
Scherder, Travis
Smith, Andy
Alderson, Daniel; Caldwell, Justin; Edmond, Brian; Filson, Nathan; Ince, Seth; Luebrecht, Michael; Luebrecht, Ryan; Scherder, Travis; Smith, Andy
The Bull Float Trip. The river was packed with people, with boats literally touching for much of the trip.The Bull Float Trip.  The river was packed with people, with boats literally touching for much of the trip. USGS Gauge Data:
Steelville (07014000)
Discharge: 41
Height: 2.08
<b>USGS Gauge Data:</b></br />Steelville (07014000)<br />Discharge: 41<br />Height: 2.08
Source: EdmondSource: Edmond

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