Center Creek (Missouri), Smithfield (07186480)

StateMissouriLatestUnknown (0 cfs)
RiverCenter CreekRatingObservedEstimated
Updated2019-02-04 17:45 (3 years ago)Flood - The river is flooding. Obstacles can be treacherous or deadly. The river should be avoided at this stage for casual trips and definitely for the inexperienced. Trips should be attempted only with protective gear and equipment.Flood(none)(none)
Discharge(none) (median: 69 cfs)High - The river is high and potentially dangerous, especially for the young and / or inexperienced. Normal stream obstacles are sometimes difficult to navigate. Extended distances can be attempted, but canoe travel may not be advisable.High(none)(none)
Height(none)Good - Conditions are ideal for a canoe or kayak. Boats typically will drag on fewer than one-quarter of riffles, if at all, and portages are unnecessary or rare. Normal float lengths can be attempted without a problem.Good(none)(none)
TrendSteady (steady over 24 hours)Low - River is low but can still be floated. Some riffles are okay but most come with significant dragging and might need a portage. Float lengths should be reduced to accommodate low flow, dragging, and portages.Low(none)(none)
USGSExternal icon USGS Site (External icon Duck Duck Go Maps)Poor - River is too low to float comfortably. Most or all riffles will drag or must be portaged and some obstacles (such as slick shelf rock) cause undue problems. Avoid the river at this stage for casual paddling trips.Poor(none)(none)

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